Marisco South Ltd: Engaging contractors

Labour-only Subcontractors

Marisco has a pool of self-employed, labour-only subcontractors to undertake specialised construction work for certain clients when we do not possess their skills in-house. The assignments are of a short duration and are always job specific.

For our purposes, the definition of a labour-only subcontractor is a HMRC verified self-employed individual, who is only providing their labour and working under the direct control of Marisco for one specific job.

Marisco managers must follow the correct procedure to appoint a labour-only contractor before allowing them to begin work on any of our sites. The H&S Induction Completion Sheet must be completed for all subcontractors. Failure to observe the correct procedure will invalidate our company insurance cover.

To be paid on time, labour-only contractors must observe the following rules:

1.   You must complete our self-billing invoice and sign our terms of engagement.

2.   You must state the site you worked on, and provide a brief explanation of the work carried out each day.

3.   Long jobs can be invoiced as work-in-progress at the end of each week.

4.   Invoices for the previous week must be received by H.O. by Wednesday to be approved for payment on Friday.

5.   Late, unsigned, inaccurate or incomplete submissions will be rejected and payment delayed.

6.   We will accept scanned copies of invoices and signed terms of engagement sent to

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