Coronavirus Crisis Shutdown: Sun, 20 Sep 2020

The latest Government Guidance on working safely at work Covid-19:

              a. Construction         b. Offices         c. Warehouses         d. Vehicles

The Covid-19 Stay Safe Posters:

All our employees are expected to observe the 2m safe distancing rule, or wear face coverings when they cannot avoid working closer. Our clients demand our operatives must always wear face coverings when they enter the communal areas of their properties. It is also a professional courtesy to wear face coverings whenever you attend business meetings at client's or supplier's premises, or receive guests at the unit. All employers are expected to exercise the highest standard of personal hygeine. The virologists are typically divided, but they all seem to agree face-to-hand-to-surface-to-hand-to-face remains the most likely route of transmission. Please do not forget all the other H&S safe work practices that must still be complied with when at work. This includes ensuring that a Site File has been prepared and signed by a Site Manager, and it is retained on site for all attending operatives to read and refer to over the course of the project. Exercise your common sense. Yes, you could catch Covid-19 at work and it would be foolish to dismiss the threat this virus represents to you. At the same time, all the normal hazards that exist in the workplace are still present and represent no less a risk to your safety and continuing health just because Covid-19 features so heavily in how we live our lives at the moment.

There are two additional covid-19 documents you must be aware of:

1. A new Covid-19 short-form RAM that must be completed for EVERY response and planned job by every operative before they begin work.

2. A Covid-19 Safe System of Works (SSOW) that must be read by every operative before undertaking any work.

Over the summer months we have all relaxed, but as forecast by the epidemiologists the transmission rate is rising again as Autumn sets in. At the moment it appears the rise in transmission is affecting people under the age of 30 who are unlikely to suffer long-term risks to their health. The problem is these people will inevitably come into contact with older members of the population who have comorbidties that leave them vulnerable to Covid-19. They can suffer life threatening illnesses, and in any working environment they must be protected. If you, or any member of your household, experience any of the Covid-19 symptoms, you act responsibly and self-isolate for at least 10 days, or until you and your household have tested negative to Covid-19.

We believe our staff possess the personal integrity and common sense to comply with the safe working practices we put in place. Whatever personal views you hold about the Government's guidance it is important to understand that when at work complying with them is mandatory. Any employee who thinks they can operate outside the rules will face swift disciplinary action for gross misconduct, and will lose their job.

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